President's Message

地盤工学と異分野連携による レジリエントな社会づくりの実現

 – Making our society resilient through multi-disciplinary cooperation –

Hemanta Hazarika

President, GLOSS

Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, 

Department of Civil Engineering, Kyushu University

All over the world, the threats of large-scale, complex, and widespread disasters have been looming large in recent years. It is an urgent issue for us researchers and engineers to tackle those by rallying our wisdom. To address these problems, we have decided to establish a research society called GLOSS as a general incorporated corporation. Its goal is to develop and apply innovative technologies that integrate hardware and software, using not just the hardware but the latest digital technologies towards building a resilient society. 

GLOSS stands for Global Society for Smart Geo-Sustainnovation. It is an organization that aims to realize a resilient society by combining sustainability and innovation (=Sustainnovation) through collaboration between geotechnical engineering and the other professional fields. We feel that it is necessary to apply and verify the results of the various technologies in the field, and to standardize and commercialize them so that they can be widely used in society. We have decided to provide corporate status to GLOSS, as we thought that it was necessary to have a corporate entity in order to accurately answer the needs of consulting and education/ training, and to ensure compliance.

GLOSS is made up of faculty members and researchers from university, general contractors, consultants, and manufacturers. It has seven purposes, mentioned in this bulletin, for the mutual enhancement of the capabilities of its members and employees in their respective fields.

The most distinctive feature of our research group is that we do not target individuals and corporations specializing only in geotechnical engineering, but also collaborate with the other professional fields in our activities. We recognize the importance of communicating the direction we need to adopt and the strengthening our organizational structure, both domestically and internationally.

We will do our best to meet your expectations and look forward to your continued support and guidance.

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Fukuoka 819-0395
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